CNN’s Toobin: ‘The President Has Succeeded in Politicizing This Investigation’

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin said tonight that President Trump lashing out at the FBI is clearly working, given how public perceptions of Robert Mueller‘s investigation have shifted.

Months ago there were Republicans defending Robert Mueller, but now there are GOP members of Congress not only questioning but denouncing Mueller as a partisan.

Richard Painter, former White House ethics lawyer in the Bush administration, said this is coming from members who are either in safe pro-Trump districts or “who have lost their mind.”

Toobin noted, “I actually think the President has been more effective than we’re giving him credit for here.”

He cited polls showing how Republicans have a “much more negative view” of Mueller now, saying “the President has succeeded in politicizing this investigation and that means that Mueller is seen… as someone who is part of the political maelstrom.”

“I’m not saying the President was right to do that,” he clarified, “but I think we need to acknowledge that there has been a change of perception, at least by the Republican base.”

Painter jumped in to say, “Everybody who knows Robert Mueller knows it’s a lie.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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