CNN’s Toobin: The Two People Who Can ‘Do No Wrong’ in Trump Administration Are Pruitt and Putin


On The Situation Room tonight, Jim Acosta and the CNN panel lambasted Scott Pruitt over the latest stunning piece of news concerning the scandal-plagued EPA administrator.

CNN is reporting tonight that Pruitt had approached President Donald Trump with a proposal for a Cabinet swap: Trump fires Jeff Sessions, Pruitt becomes Attorney General, then leave after 210 days to go back to Oklahoma to run for office.

And the panel really couldn’t get over how ridiculous this is.

Mark Preston wasn’t that surprised, though, saying “he seems to have a lot of moxie for somebody who’s fairly new to Washington.”

Acosta noted the serious backlash that could happen were Trump to fire Sessions, while White House Correspondent Abby Phillip said POTUS and Pruitt appear to have had a “bizarre camaraderie” over Sessions.

And, as she pointed out, Trump is still pissed off at Sessions over “one mistake” more so than the multiple mistakes from Pruitt.

Regarding Pruitt’s blueprint to only be AG for 210 days, Acosta and Rebecca Berg agreed it sounds like someone who’s “watched too many episodes of House of Cards.”

Acosta asked Jeffrey Toobin whether Pruitt would be able to hypothetically fire Robert Mueller.

“Jim, Jim, Jim,” Toobin responded. “Tomorrow is Independence Day. It’s not April Fool’s Day. So the whole idea of Scott Pruitt as Attorney General really belongs a couple of months earlier. The two people who can do no wrong in the Trump administration, no matter what the news is… one is Scott Pruitt, because he’s destroying the environment and Trump is in favor of that. And the other is Vladimir Putin.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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