CNN’s Toobin Trashes ‘Completely Unqualified’ Jared Kushner: ‘An Embarrassment That He Has Any Power at All’

On Wednesday, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin ripped Trump son-in-law and senior White House advisor Jared Kushner for being “unqualified” to be a major administrative liaison with Saudia Arabia.

It all happened after CNN’s White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins explained Kushner’s close relationship with the Saudi crown prince and his involvement in the Jamal Khashoggi talks.

“Well, he does have really close ties with the crown prince, who is known as MBS. He messages him on WhatsApp. He was the one who convinced President Trump to make Riyadh his first destination for his first trip as president. He hosted him at a dinner here in Washington a few months ago,” Collins explained. “They have a really close relationship, and you are seeing him back off of that now that there’s the scrutiny and it is becoming a diplomatic crisis. That’s because he doesn’t want this backlash.”

Toobin then stressed that Kushner is not qualified to be handling these things in the first place.

“Is there anything that qualifies Jared Kushner to be dealing with any of these issues?” he asked. “He is an unsuccessful real estate developer who inherited millions of dollars and married the president’s daughter. He is completely unqualified, this is gross nepotism and it’s just an embarrassment he has any power at all, much less this critical area of the world.”

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