CNN’s Toobin: Trump ‘Thrives on Picking Fights With People That His Base Doesn’t Like’

toobinA CNN panel earlier tonight tackled the issue of President-elect Donald Trump‘s Twitter habits and whether he needs to quit them as president.

Jeffrey Toobin said, “He has every right to do it… but it is a different way of being president.” And how the nation reacts to them will depend very much on the success of his presidency.

S.E. Cupp pointed out how early on President Obama learned that the words of a president matter, and she wondered whether Trump would get that soon enough.

Mark Preston, meanwhile, said Trump needs to stop, because when he tweets it distracts from all the work he’s putting into his transition. But Toobin then made this point:

“This is his brand! I think his supporters love this stuff. They hate The New York Times, they hate CNN, they hate unions… I think he thrives on picking fights with people that his base doesn’t like.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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