CNN’s Topical Discussion Of The Day: What Caused The Civil War?

Attacking CNN for its programming nowadays is the moral equivalent of kicking puppies, but it seems that every day the network is coming up with stale, centuries-old news. Last night’s topical discussion on Anderson Cooper 360: what caused the Civil War? Brag Bowling, Commander of the Virginia Division of Confederate Veterans, and CNN commentator Roland Martin weigh in.

The entire conversation is a mismatch because Bowling refuses to acknowledge that slavery was actually at the heart of everything that was wrong with the Confederacy. In fact, he seems to prefer brushing aside that whole slavery thing entirely. Bob McDonnell‘s decision to declare April Confederate History Month, he argues, had nothing to do with slavery and everything to do with honoring American patriots like his forefathers (and, we learn, Anderson Cooper‘s forefathers also). His argument hits a bit of a roadblock when Martin points out that those “patriots” are almost universally perceived outside of the South as traitors and “domestic terrorists.”

Watch the video below:

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