CNN’s Van Jones Calls Police Brutality an ‘Atomic Bomb’: We’re ‘One Videotape’ Away From ‘Five or 10 American Cities on Fire’


CNN’s Van Jones compared the pain inflicted on the black community by police brutality to an “atomic bomb” during an interview with Brooke Baldwin on Wednesday, claiming that the U.S. was only one viral video away from 10 cities burning by summer.

Jones called for economic relief for black businesses and communities that have been affected by the arson and property destruction that occurred during the protests throughout the United States.

“And you have 20, 30, 40, probably 50 million white Americans that would agree with everything I just said and be happy to see it in both parties,” he added. And people that always knew that racism was a big issue but number 17 on their list.”

He noted that racism is now a prioritized issue in America, adding that even those who didn’t believe in discrimination can finally see it after George Floyd’s killing.

“Bipartisan legislation and economic relief to the communities and you could turn a breakdown into a break-through,” he added. “I’m tired of crying about it.”

Jones revealed he had been talking to black parents all night on Tuesday, who were concerned about how they would discuss these reoccurring incidents of police brutality with their children.

“We’re having to manage so much, every time one of these cases happens, it’s like an atomic bomb drops on our kitchen table,” he said. “We have to deal with it over and over again and it impacts these kids. So this has to stop. It has to stop. You can’t continue.”

Jones, who is currently in Los Angeles, then referenced Rodney King, whose beating at the hands of the LAPD sparked riots in 1992.

“We’re on a pathway right now, Brooke, to five or ten American cities on fire by the end of this summer if we get one more videotape, another videotape, and nothing done,” he added. “How long are people supposed to deal with this pain and nobody is going to do anything about it?”

He again pushed bipartisan legislation for economic relief, claiming it was the only way for the United States to move forward and find justice.

Watch above, via CNN.

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