CNN’s Van Jones Mocks ‘Another Channel’ for ‘Freaking Out and Melting Down’ Over Bernie Win in Nevada

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CNN’s Van Jones didn’t name names on Saturday night when he mocked “another network” for “freaking out” over Senator Bernie Sanders’ unfolding victory in the Nevada caucus.

As Jones spoke about Sanders’ momentum in the 2020 race, he remarked, “The establishment is upset and there is another station, another channel, and another few things going on tonight where people are freaking out and melting down all across the country, or at least, all over the airwaves.”

It isn’t clear who Jones was referring to specifically, but we can have a guess.

Before Jones issued his comments on CNN, there was a flood of anti-Sanders commentary on MSNBC.

Democratic strategist James Carville — no fan of Sanders — was on MSNBC to react to the caucus’ progression, and he went on a notable diatribe against the Vermont senator. After that, MSNBC host Chris Matthews seemed to take things up a notch by making a garbled comparison between Sanders’ projected triumph and Germany’s defeat of France in World War II.

Watch above, via CNN.

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