CNN’s Van Jones: ‘There’s a Danger That We All Start to . . . Normalize Trump’

CNN’s Van Jones opened his special The Messy Truth tonight by again addressing the flak he got for saying the honoring of a Navy SEAL during President Trump‘s address to Congress last week was the moment when he “became president.”

He acknowledged that a few days later, with those wiretapping tweets, Trump went back to acting “crazy” again. But he said he wasn’t just complimenting Trump, he was “warning” people about him too.

Jones is glad he is still human enough to be moved by something in a Trump speech, and while he understands why a lot of people were bothered by what he said, it’s not just normalizing Trump that’s the danger:

“There’s a danger that we all start to become Trump, that we normalize Trump emotionally. There’s a danger that we all become fear-based and fear-driven and we give in 100 percent to this whole us-against-them hysteria, that we close up our hearts.”

“If that happens,” Jones concluded, “a form of Trumpism has been normalized in our hearts.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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