CNN’s Van Jones: We Have a President ‘Who Just Doesn’t Believe in The First Amendment’


On Tuesday night, Van Jones stopped by The Late Show and weighed in on President Trump‘s hostile relationship with the press.

Stephen Colbert asked the CNN contributor about how his network boycotted the White House Christmas Party and whether he was “bummed” for not going to the annual event.

“I think we wouldn’t have made it back out alive,” Jones joked. “I think it would have been like the Red Wedding, you know, in Game of Thrones.”

Colbert then wondered why “any news organization” would be willing to go to that party if they’ve been called “fake” and “the enemy of America.”

“Anybody but Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post shouldn’t go, right?” Colbert continued.

After Jones laughed that they probably had “good hors d’oeuvres” at the Christmas party, the Late Show host pressed for a more serious answer. And he got one.

“Honestly, I think that we’re in a situation now where you have a president of the United States who just doesn’t believe in the First Amendment,” Jones said. “He doesn’t believe- he has like a peanut allergy to facts and I’ve never seen anything like it. So literally, if you just say things that are true, he gets mad. I’ve never seen it before.

Colbert suggested to Jones that CNN should have a warning label before every show that says, “Processed in a factory that also processes information.” That earned an enthusiastic high five from his guest.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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