CNN’s Zakaria: Democrats ‘More Extreme’ Now on Immigration Than Ever


CNN’s Fareed Zakaria today joined the chorus of newspeople openly criticizing the President of the United States for racist views, but he also had some choice words for Democrats.

After that “shithole countries” remark over a week ago, there was a great deal of discussion about whether the President is a racist, with some arguing there’s really no reason to even leave that as a question anymore.

This morning Zakaria noted how immigration played a big part in President Trump‘s early support in the 2016 GOP race.

He noted how “extreme” the Democrats are on immigration now and said, “It is difficult to be moderate on any topic these days, most of all immigration.”

“Donald Trump discusses the issue in ways that, to me, seem racist,” Zakaria said. “Factions of the Republican party have becoming ugly and mean-spirited in tone and temper… To compromise with these kind of attitudes seems distasteful, even immoral.”

He did, however, say that there is middle ground and concluded that Democrats need to recognize some realities and be careful not to push the public to “embrace the real racists.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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