CNN’s Zeleny on Spicer Saying Last Week Trump Has Confidence in Comey: ‘Was Sean Lying?’


“The President has confidence in the Director.”

Those were the words of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer just seven days ago, May 3. On that date, President Donald Trump, according to Spicer, had confidence in then-FBI Director James Comey to lead the Bureau.

Six days later, the confidence was apparently gone, and Trump fired Comey.

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny, speaking for many, was perplexed. And at Wednesday’s White House press briefing, he asked Spicer stand-in Sarah Huckabee Sanders a pointed question about Spicer’s words on May 3.

“I’m sorry if I’m not understanding this, but what has happened in the last seven days to shake the confidence?” Zeleny said. “Was Sean lying at that point, or did something happen in the last seven days?”

Sanders appeared none too pleased by the query.

“Of course you’d love to add that in,” Huckabee Sanders told Zeleny. “But certainly not.”

In her full response, Huckabee Sanders cited the FBI letter to Senate Judiciary Committee correcting Comey’s testimony from last week with regard to Huma Abedin forwarding Anthony Weiner as part of the reason for the firing. But she also cited Comey’s “going around the chain of command,” seeming to reference the press conference last July in which he announced he would not recommend prosecution of Hillary Clinton — an event which, of course, happened far more than seven days ago:

“You have the Director of the FBI who reports to the deputy Attorney General going around the chain of command. That’s simply not okay. That’s not something that is allowed in justice system, nor should it be. That’s a huge problem. That along with the huge corrections that had to take place in, I believe in the last 48 hours, those are big problems in the final piece that pushed the President to make the decision he did.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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