Cohen Advisor Lanny Davis Says Client May Bail on Testimony Thanks to Witness Intimidation by Trump: ‘Family is Out of Bounds!’


Attorney Lanny Davis, who represented former Trump insider Michael Cohen in court and now serves as his advisor, said on MSNBC Thursday that President Donald Trump is engaging in witness tampering and intimidation against his client.

So much so, said Davis, that Cohen is considering whether to even “go forward” with his testimony.

Davis made the remarks on The Beat to host Ari Melber. Melber said to Davis that that members of Congress, including committee chairs, have accused Trump of “potentially getting close to witness intimidation” over comments about Cohen’s father-in-law that Trump made on Fox News Channel. He played the clip, and then asked whether it was, in fact, intimidating Cohen.

“Is that an impact on Mr. Cohen,” asked Melber, ” as we’ve seen reports about?”

“Very much so,” replied Davis. “He is very concerned, as is his family, that a bully in the bully pulpit named Donald Trump calls out a member of his family, and he’s also called out other members of his family, using the White House platform on a national television show.”

“Let me be very clear here,” said Davis. “This is a definition of witness tampering and intimidation and could be obstruction of justice.”

Davis said that people on both sides of the aisle should be able to agree that family is out of bounds, and challenged Republicans to say that.

“You’re saying in this interview tonight, Lanny,” said Melber, “that, as Mr. Cohen’s adviser, you view what the president is doing already as illegal tampering?”

“There’s no question that his threatening and calling out his father-in-law who, quote, has all of the money, is not only improper and unseemly for a bully using the bully pulpit of the presidency, but the very definition of intimidation and witness tampering,” Davis answered. “Especially a witness about to appear before a congressional committee to tell the truth about what he knows about Donald Trump? By definition that deserves a criminal investigation. But I can see maybe Trump people would disagree with that.”

He added again that this was a chance for everyone to agree family is “out of bounds” and to “say to Mr. Trump, Democrats and Republicans, no, you’ve gone too far.”

Melber related it to the confirmation hearings for attorney general nominee William Barr, and asked Davis if Trump intends to use the opportunity of a new AG to “make good on this threat” and get the Department of Justice to “retaliate or investigate Mr. Cohen’s family to keep him from testifying to Congress.”

Davis said there was no question Trump’s remarks were aimed at Cohen to “frighten” him, and that Cohen has “understandable fear for [his family’s] safety.”

That’s when Davis suggested that Cohen could be considering not testifying at all, in light of the remarks.

“There is genuine fear and it causes Michael Cohen to consider whether he should go forward or not. And he’s not yet made a final decision.

Melber honed in: “Are you saying tonight the testimony may be off?”

Davis was specific to stick to the words “considering whether to go forward.”

Melber also asked whether Davis and Cohen have brought their concerns to the committee chairs before whom Cohen would be testifying.

“Yes, I have,” said Davis.

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