comScore Michael Cohen Reverses Paul Gosar Calling Him a Liar

Cohen Flips the Script on GOP Rep Calling Him ‘Pathological Liar’: ‘Are You Referring to Me or the President?’

Michael Cohen drew Paul Gosar‘s (R-AZ) anger on Wednesday when he talked back to the congressman as he was getting dressed down as a “pathological liar.”

Throughout Cohen’s hearing, the former lawyer for President Donald Trump was repeatedly hammered by Republicans over his financial crimes and his lies to Congress. Gosar joined this pile-on by calling Cohen a “disgraced lawyer” who conflicted his own testimony, and he topped off his opener by saying “You are a pathological liar. You don’t know truth from falsehood.”

“Sir, I’m sorry, are you referring to me or the president,” Cohen asked with a smirk.

Gosar angrily scolded Cohen for that, saying “this is my time! When I ask your question, I will ask for an answer!”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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