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‘Coincidence?’: Glenn Beck Wonders If The NSA Was Behind Spitzer And Petraeus Scandals

Glenn Beck, was has evidently regained his vocal abilities, used part of his Tuesday morning radio show to ponder some theories as to the role the NSA has played in the United States over the last several years. If the agency really can track all of our phone calls and emails, who’s to say they aren’t responsible to outing the indiscretions of public figures like Eliot Spitzer and David Petraeus?

“We’re entering 1984,” Beck declared, noting that sales of George Orwell‘s classic novel have been shooting up on Amazon. “Every time you’ve ever said anything,” Beck told his audience, “if it was through electronics, it’s been recorded.”

Beck began wondering how the story about former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer visiting prostitutes came to light. “We all know he’s a scumbag,” Beck said. “Is it a coincidence that that happened as he goes after all of the banks and those on Wall Street—the rich and the powerful, with vast connections—and he says to them, ‘I’m gonna take you down’?”

And what about General John Allen, who was said to have sent “inappropriate” emails to Paula Broadwell, who was in turn having an affair with former CIA Director David Petraeus? How did they get General Allen’s information?” Beck asked. “Remember, he gets in trouble because he goes over to Afghanistan, and, what happens? He said the administration is lying, that what’s happening over in Afghanistan is not going well. All of a sudden his private emails are exposed. How did that happen?”

Finally, Beck asked, “How about General Petraeus? The guy who says, ‘I’m gonna stand up in Benghazi.’ All of a sudden his emails are released and we find out he’s having an affair. Are you kidding me?”

Watch video below, via TheBlaze:

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