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Cokie Roberts: ‘About 3 People’ Won’t Vote for Hillary Because of Email Story

Another aspect of the Hillary Clinton inevitability narrative, hooray: partisan voter patterns are largely set, meaning a person will likely vote for their party’s nominee no matter what. As Cokie Roberts pointed out on Morning Joe Wednesday morning, this meant that Clinton’s recent email conflagration was unlikely to sway many voters.

“The people who are not going to vote on Hillary Clinton based on e-mails are already not going to vote for her based on her email, which is about three people,” Roberts said.

She and the rest of the panel added the story could damage Clinton’s overall reputation, as it already seems to have dented her trustworthy numbers. “It plays into voters versus attitudes,” Roberts said. “It plays into that whole storyline of can you trust her? And can you trust the Clintons?”

But the panel returned to the theory that the story was unlikely to meaningfully shape the election. “If you like Hillary Clinton and are you a Democrat and you’re going to support the Democratic nominee, what she did or didn’t do with her server is probably irrelevant,” Katty Kay said.

Even former John McCain campaign strategist Steve Schmidt, who was making the argument that Clinton had clearly transgressed ethical boundaries in keeping a private email server, conceded the story was unlikely to dislodge voters.

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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