Colbert Addresses Rumors About His Show’s Suspension, Sends A Message To A ‘Lovely Lady’

Stephen Colbert Addresses Rumors About His Show's Suspension

At the top of his show Monday night — his first since suspending production late last week — Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert took a little time to address some of the rumors that had been circulating about why, exactly, his show had temporarily stopped filming.

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No, he said, the FCC did not stop filming because he was preparing to run for president. No, the Catholic Church did not pull some strings and have him taken off the air because he compared the Pope’s mitre (Yeah, I know some things!) to a fancy prophylactic. And finally, no. Joan Rivers was wrong when she guessed Colbert might have taken some time off to carefully rearrange his face for spring.

Then, just before breaking for commercial, Colbert noted that “evidently, having eleven children makes you tough as nails.” And with a “confidential to a lovely lady” and something of a sweet homage to Carol Burnett’s signal to her grandmother, Colbert looked straight down the lens and placed his finger beside his nose.

He was referring, we know now, to his mother, Lorna. And thank goodness that she’s one of those tough kinds of lovely ladies.

Watch, via Comedy Central:

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