Colbert: ‘All Hannity’s Saying Is That Some Children Deserve to Be Punched in the Face’

Last night, Stephen Colbert was forced to use his safe word (“Pumpkin patch! Pumpkin patch!”) when he saw Sean Hannity smacking his belt on live TV to prove a point about the Adrian Peterson arrest.

“Hannity is right on this one,” Colbert agreed, saying that the Fox anchor had grown up to be a fine, upstanding individual despite being subjected to corporal abuse as a child. “After all, Sean’s dad whipped him with a belt, and he never needed to go to a psychotherapist! He just has to have them on his show three times a week.”

“Mentally, he grew up to be a psychologically healthy adult who cleaves desperately to strong authority figures, lashes out at perceived weakness and takes his belt off on live TV,” Colbert added. “All Hannity is saying is that some children deserve to be punched in the face, although it is sad to see that, so many years later, the swelling still hasn’t gone down.”

Watch below via Comedy Central:

[Image via screenshot]

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