Colbert Applauds GOP’er Who Believes Obama Is Possessed by Demon

GOP candidate Gordon Klingenschmitt was recently elected to the Colorado State House in the midterms, and immediately drew national attention for attempting to perform an exorcism on Barack Obama, who had been allegedly possessed by a demon.

Klingenschmitt, who also believes that demons are behind the “homosexuality movement,” was profiled last night by Stephen Colbert, who was astounded that such a man could one day (maybe) be a national figure. “Yes! Barack Obama is possessed by a demon,” Colbert affirmed. “And he won’t even show us the demon’s birth certificate.”

Now that Klingenschmitt is in a position of actual authority, though, he’s called on his fellow Democrats to come together in “reasonable discussion,” a claim which Colbert agreed with.

“Democrats should going Klingenschmitt in a reasonable discussion about whether or not Barack Obama is possessed by a demon,” he said. “You can express your opinion that he is not, and Klingenschmittt can express his opinion that a demon made you think that.”

Watch below via Comedy Central:

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