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Colbert Applauds Zimmerman Lawyer’s Knock-Knock Joke: ‘Grade-A Lighthearted Murder Trial Humor’

Stephen Colbert took on the beginning of the George Zimmerman murder trial last night, particularly aiming his focus at the questionable knock-knock joke defense attorney Don West chose to kick off his opening statement. Rather the condemn the possibly inappropriate move, Colbert praised West’s “shrewd move” as just another example in America’s “long history of murder humor.”

Catching his audience up on the case, Colbert described the alleged murder as “either a senseless tragedy or a sensible response to aggravated hoodie.” The host lauded West for his bold decision to start the healing process on this controversial case “with humor.”

Colbert was just as outraged as West that his knock-knock joke didn’t get a laugh from the jury. “Come on,” he said, “that is some grade-A, lighthearted murder trial humor.” He pointed to some examples in America’s “long history of murder humor,” from Johnnie Cochran putting OJ Simpson‘s glove on his head to Atticus Finch’s famous joke from To Kill A Mockingbird.

Watch video below, via Comedy Central:

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