Colbert Asks ‘What Have We Become?’: We’re ‘Champing at the Bit’ For Stories of Trump’s ‘Naked’ Body

On Thursday night, Stephen Colbert debuted a new segment, “What Have We Become?”

The Late Show host began by telling viewers former Playboy model Karen McDougal and her efforts to speak out about her alleged ten-month affair with Donald Trump.

“Great, now she can finally tell us… more stories about Donald Trump doing sex? Yay?” Colbert cautiously reacted.

The obsession of the juicy details behind the president’s alleged affairs inspired Colbert to develop a segment that tackled things that are currently wrong with our society.

“Tonight, on ‘What Have We Become?’ if you had told me five years ago that we would be champing at the bit to get stories about Donald Trump’s naked, sweaty body wreaking havoc on a hotel duvet, you would have said, ‘No way! Now let’s watch Sharknado. They’re only going to make one of these!'” Colbert said. “Yes, back then, it was a time of primal innocence and we took it for granted. Now all of America lives behind the beaded curtain at a video store. And it don’t smell so good. All that being said, give me them spanky, stanky anecdotes! I’m a super-freak… and it feels good to be bad.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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