Colbert Blasts Melania Trump’s ‘I Really Don’t Care’ Jacket: ‘That’s One Message She Didn’t Steal From Michelle Obama’


On Thursday night, Stephen Colbert went after First Lady Melania Trump for the jacket she wore on the way to visiting a detention center in Texas that was housing dozens of illegal immigrant children.

Colbert began by telling his audience that the Trump administration sent their “most high profile detainee” to the southern border and mocked the question she gave at a listening session “How can I help?”

“Ma’am, I know how you can help,” Colbert responded. “Unfortunately, it involves speaking to your husband, but desperate times call for desperate measures.”

The Late Show host then showed a photo of the First Lady’s jacket, which read “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” which he stressed was “real” and that his show “checked it so many times” because they thought it was fake.

“That’s what they settled on?!?” Colbert reacted. “What was her first choice, a jacket that says ‘womp womp?'”

Colbert also mocked the statement put out by the First Lady’s spokesperson insisting there was no “hidden message” behind the jacket.

“Right! It’s definitely not hidden!” he exclaimed. “It’s right on the back. And I’m going to guess this was one message she did not steal from Michelle Obama.”

He asked his audience “how many people would be fired” over this from a “normal White House.”

“Because in the middle of the worst moral scandal in recent memory so bad that her husband backed down for the first time in memory, people who were supposedly on her side let her get on a plane with a jacket that said ‘I Really Don’t Care, Do U?’ And for the record, we do.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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