Colbert Blasts Trump’s Video Appearance During Press Briefing: ‘I’m Dizzy From The Stupid’


On Thursday night, Stephen Colbert mocked the White House press briefing for an on-screen “special guest.”

Earlier in the afternoon, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders kicked off the briefing, which Colbert referred to it as the “Hucka Sanders Propaganda Variety Hour” by introducing President Trump to the White House Press Corps via television so he can boast his accomplishments.

“He’s appearing on a video screen even though he’s 50 feet down the hallway!” Colbert reacted. “I have a message for the White House Press Corps: ‘The call is coming from inside the house! Get out of there! Get out!'”

After taking a breather, Colbert said that he was “dizzy from the stupid.”

The Late Show host also mocked that Trump appeared on two TV screens.

“Isn’t it bad enough that we have to watch this guy on TV?” Colbert continued. “Why do we have to watch him on TV on TVs? That is just pure dictator behavior!”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.



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