Colbert Brutally Mocks Trump for Starting New 4th of July Tradition: ‘Watching Trump Struggle to Climb Steps’ to Lincoln Memorial


Late Show host Stephen Colbert brutally mocked President Donald Trump for interjecting himself into the nation’s birthday.

As reported this week by the Washington Post, Trump reportedly has plans to take over the annual 4th of July celebration in Washington DC, something he first mentioned on Twitter months ago.

The mere mention of the plan to alter a normally non-partisan celebration elicited loud boos from Colbert’s audience.

Calling Trump the guy “showing up with the guitar to make it all about him,” Colbert started off panning Trump’s plans by singing in his Trumpian voice what the president thinks the words are to Lee Greenwood‘s Proud to Be an American. 

“I’m proud to be in a place of flags and big-time hot dog meat!” Colbert crooned badly. “And I can’t forget the thing I sat on is called a seat.”

Then, mocking Trump some more, Colbert suggested that Trump was trying to start a new 4th of July tradition: “Watching Trump struggle to climb the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.”

Grunting and groaning, Colbert pantomimed a badly out of shape Trump trying to climb stairs.

“Damn it! Damn it! Oh! Damn you! Damn you, Abe. If I ever get up there, I’m gonna shoot you myself,” Colbert said in his Trumpian voice, drawing laughter from his audience.

In response to Trump’s plan, it was announced that A Capitol Fourth plans on proceeding with their traditional broadcast as usual sans Trump, leaving what will actually happen in Washington on July 4th still up in the air.

Watch above, via CBS

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