Colbert Challenges Trump to Sign a ‘Small’ Million-Dollar Check to Charity

During his show last night, Stephen Colbert set his sights on Donald Trump‘s recent statement about how hard his life was after getting a “small” million-dollar loan from his father.

During the NBC town hall, Trump said that life hasn’t easy for him, and that even with that much money, it wasn’t very much when stacked against his multi-billion dollar fortune. Nonetheless, Colbert was amused that Trump could still call $1 million “garbage,” responding by saying Trump looks like a million bucks.

After a few more comments on Trump’s “humble” beginnings, Colbert told Trump to put his money where his mouth is by bringing out a giant check for $1 million meant for the Harlem Children’s Zone.

Colbert noted how it was all filled out, that the memo said “no big deal,” and that all The Donald had to do for the children’s education charity was to swing by and give his John Hancock.

“Who knows,” Colbert said, “the kids you help might one day be so rich that they can blow their cash on a presidential campaign.”

[h/t USA Today]
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