Colbert Clashes With Colbert Show Union Over Celebrating Scott Walker Victory

On Wednesday, Stephen Colbert was ecstatic over the news that union bête noire Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker had survived the recall effort in Wisconsin, and observed that the contest could have ramifications for November.

“Wisconsin is England, Scott Walker is Margaret Thatcher,” declared Colbert. “The public school teachers are the British mining union which makes Barack Obama Billy Elliot! Oh no! No! He’ll capture our hearts with his graceful masculine dancing!”

Colbert played many pundits’ analysis declaring unions effectively over as we know it due to the result.

“We did it! It is the end of unions! Whoo!” Colbert celebrated, but soon noticed a lack of balloons. “Whoo! whoo! whoo! whoo! Jimmy, Jimmy, we talked about this, where’s my balloon toss?”

“Stephen, a lot of union people work on this show and they’re kind of upset,” Jimmy told an incredulous Colbert.

“Is that true? All right, all right, I understand. I guessed that. But you lost, okay?” Colbert countered. “So let’s be professional about it. It’s my show. Drop something.”

All of a sudden, a package was dropped off at Colbert’s desk — which contained a dead fish.

“Message received,” Colbert observed.

Watch Colbert’s celebration of Scott Walker’s victory below via Comedy Central:

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