Colbert Commends AFA For Speaking Out Against Totally Gay ‘Mix It Up At Lunch Day’

On Monday, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert issued one of his famed tip of the hate / wag of the finger.

The wag was reserved for the Nobel Peace Prize committee for essentially patting itself on the back in the form of awarding the prestigious prize to Europe. Where, Colbert wondered, is America’s prize for bailing Europe out of two pretty major (See: World) wars? Plus, Europe’s last genocide occurred a mere 13 years ago. The U.S., on the other hand, hasn’t been involved in a war in decades.

…Or, Colbert added, not one that we’ve declared, at any rate.

All hat tipping, on the other hand, was reserved for the American Family Association for speaking out against the corrupting forces of “Mix it Up at Lunch Day,” a day on which cool kids are forced to 1) eat, 2) next to DORKS. GROSS! As Colbert and the AFA understand, it’s a short and slippery slope from sitting beside a nerd to two boys “making monkey butter” behind the bleachers

Watch, via Comedy Central:

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