Colbert Confronts Bolton For Refusal to Back Biden: ‘What Could be Worse’ Than a President Who Betrays His Country?


Former White House national security adviser John Bolton was pressed by Stephen Colbert on why he is refusing to back Joe Biden in the upcoming election, despite warning that his opponent President Donald Trump is a danger to the United States.

The Late Show host interviewed Bolton Tuesday night on his new White House memoir, The Room Where It Happened. Colbert set the overriding theme of the discussion early on by asking Bolton why he volunteered to work for Trump, and what he expected to achieve when “you had to know that was a whirlpool of chaos.”

Bolton argued that he thought it was possible to “overcome” Trump’s chaotic manner to advance a mutual agenda, but after reflecting that he might’ve been wrong about that, Bolton spoke extensively of how Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and other autocratic leaders all found ways to take advantage of the president. Eventually, he and Colbert arrived on the subject of why Bolton supported Trump in the 2016 election.

“I think many [Republicans], in fairness to Trump, look at the comparison — as I did in 2016 with Hillary Clinton — look at the comparison with Joe Biden and say, whatever we think of him, he’s not going to be a Democrat subject, especially these days, to the pressure of the left,” Bolton said. “I bought that argument in 2016.”

This prompted Colbert to jump in an counter “No. He’s gonna be subject to the pressure of Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping!”

“He’s a person willing to sell out the interests of the American people for his own re-election,” Colbert went on. “What could be worse in Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden’s philosophy than betraying your country to a hostile foreign leader, sir?”

Bolton acknowledged the argument, but reiterated his opinion that Trump was worth a shot in 2016 even though “I can’t, in good conscience, do that again.” After Bolton doubled down on his refusal to vote for Biden or Trump, Colbert offered his exasperation because “there is absolutely nothing that Donald Trump has done that is surprising to me.”

My rule is, everything that you think about Donald Trump is probably true because he’s not deep enough to get your socks wet in. He’s incredibly readable, that’s why when he ran casinos, the house lost. There’s nothing to learn about him. That’s why he’s essentially a boring person. How did you not know beforehand that he was just callow?

“I couldn’t believe it was that bad,” Bolton responded, to which, Colbert said “But you’re an international negotiator! How could you be naive? You’ve dealt with with the worst people in the world?”

Watch above, via CBS.

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