Colbert Confronts Rand Paul For Calling Mueller Probe a ‘Witch Hunt’: ‘Forget It Ever Happened?’

Before wrapping up his interview, Stephen Colbert confronted Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) about his remarks regarding the investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Back in November, the senator referred to the Mueller probe as a “witch hunt” and called it a “distraction” for Congress. He also criticized how the the criminal findings from the probe have yet to have anything to do with alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, which was at the center of the investigation.

On Wednesday night, Colbert pressed Paul about his thoughts on the Mueller probe.

“Do you think it should be ended? Do you think he should be gotten out of there? Do you think they should get rid of Rosenstein and release the memo and blow the whole thing up and forget it ever happened?” Colbert asked.

Paul responded by saying his “biggest concern” was the potential lack of government oversight, specifically when it comes to the intelligence community.

“Our intelligence community has the capability to listen to every phone call… Every one of your emails could be tracked… Every bank transaction can be tracked,” Paul elaborated. “There could be bias entering into the intelligence community. We have to be very, very careful that someone gives the a check and a balance, and that check and a balance should be a judge and a warrant.”

The senator fears we’ve given “too much power” to Mueller, who is supposed to be investigating Russia collusion, but as he noted Mueller so far has gotten Gen. Michael Flynn over a phone call that was inconsistent to what he told investigators. He then tried to explain his position by using Colbert in the hypothetical position of all of his phone calls being monitored.

“But if what I said in the private phone call was that ‘Yeah, I’ve met with the Russians over sanctions,’ and if you asked me if I met with the Russians over sanctions and I say ‘no,’ then lock me up!” Colbert reacted.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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