Colbert Decimates Vampire Congressional Candidate with Actual Policy Questions

A few weeks ago we brought you the story of Jake Rush, a conservative congressional candidate in Florida who also happened to be a roleplaying vampire. This caught the attention of Stephen Colbert, also a known role-player, who immediately dragged Rush in for an interview (though he initially thought it would be a LARP session and came dressed as a vampire).

“You go by the alter egos Chazz Darling, Staas von Winst, The Kriessler, and Archbishop Kettering,” Colbert asked. “Who am I speaking to right now?”

“You’re speaking to Jake Rush.”

“That’s a great character name,” Colbert deadpanned.

This may be the only interview we’ve seen where vampire, fanfiction, and “thespian” jokes hit as hard as Colbert’s attacks on Rush’s record, like his stance on American military action overseas. A real answer: “Stephen, the point is — I — I don’t know, wars are complicated.”

Watch below via Comedy Central:

[Image via screenshot]

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