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Colbert Defies Viacom Letter and Airs ‘Laser Klan’ Cartoon Anyway

On Thursday evening’s Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert defied his parent company Viacom’s wishes and aired a cartoon mocking the Ku Klux Klan during Black History Month.

According to January news reports, the Klan approached Jewish leaders with a deadly x-ray machine in the hopes of joining together to kill Muslims. This inspired Colbert’s team to create a world in which the KKK was forced to band together not just with the Jews, but some of their most hated enemies. The product: “Laser Klan.”

The animation allegedly worried Viacom brass, however, as Colbert was sent a letter in advance of the show, telling him: “We’re a little concerned with this especially because it is airing during Black History Month.”

“Is it right to air this cartoon tonight? I’ll let history be the judge. Black history,” he joked before going ahead and airing the sequence.

Check it out below, via Comedy Central/Hulu:

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