Colbert Digs Deep Into 7-11 And Pizza Hut’s Delicious Election Stunts

We’ve reported before on the unusual new promotion Pizza Hut has organized: If, at the next townhall-style presidential debate, you ask the candidates whether each prefer sausage or pepperoni on his pizza, you can receive one free Pizza Hut pizza every week for thirty years as punishment.

Stephen Colbert, for one, really loves the idea.

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After expressing some doubts about 7-11’s cup-based polling data (Mormons, he sagely pointed out, aren’t exactly rushing into the convenience store chain to buy 172 oz. of coffee), Colbert praised Pizza Hut for its innovative marketing ploy. He even quoted the company’s CMO, or “chief mozzarella officer.” Who, frankly, seemed slightly horrifying.

Have a look, via Comedy Central:

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