Colbert Disagrees With Noonan: Now Is Not Time To Call Romney Camp ‘Incompetent’…

On Wednesday, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert tackled several Republicans’ negative response to the recently-leaked comments Mitt Romney made to donors during a Florida fundraiser held back in May.

For one, Colbert felt that Peggy Noonan‘s assertion that now is the time to come out and point to the Romney campaign as “incompetent” is simply not fair… because that time was six months ago.

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He then played recently-circulated 1998 audio of Barack Obama telling an audience at Loyola Chicago that he believes in redistribution, echoing Fox & Friend friend Gretchen Carlson‘s note that the audio — a “counter response,” of sorts, to Romney’s leaked comments — can only be found on Fox News.

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That’s exactly right, he agreed. Although we do await CNN’s “anti-reply.”

As for Obama’s comment, Colbert can only imagine that Ronald Reagan is now positively spinning in his federally-maintained resting place.

Have a look, via Comedy Central:

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