Colbert Ecstatic That VA Scandal Is a ‘Real Scandal!!!!’

After years and years and years of trying to manufacture Obama administration scandal, Stephen Colbert finally got his hands on the Veterans Affairs hospital scandal — the one where 41 veterans died while waiting for treatment — and celebrated by dropping balloons.

“These veterans are suffering under Obama’s watch, after he declared them a top priority, and his team had been alerted to misconduct. Do you know what that means?!” Colbert asked, before breaking into a huge grin. “It means we finally have a real scandal. A REAL SCANDAL!”

He showed no mercy to the administration’s failures, laying the blame on Secretary Eric Shinseki, who still refuses to resign, “probably because he knows once he retires, he’ll have to use healthcare from the VA.” And he refused to believe that Obama only learned about the veterans’ deaths after hearing about it from CNN. “He has no idea what’s going on in his administration!” Colbert said. “Here’s an idea: get the NSA to start spying on Wolf Blitzer.”

Watch below via Comedy Central:

[Image via screenshot]

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