Colbert: ‘Even the Fox and Friends Weren’t Buying’ Trump’s Tariff Deal with China Was Real


On Tuesday, Stephen Colbert said in his opening monologue on The Late Show that Donald Trump’s claims to have a trade cease fire with China was such an obvious lie that “even the Fox and Friends weren’t buying it.”

“You know how Donald Trump keeps saying he’s going to make America great again? Turns out the ‘Great’ might be short for ‘Great Depression’,” Colbert began, “because today the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 799.36 points. Well. At least it wasn’t 800!”

He went on to discuss the fact that Trump said over the weekend that he’d reached a deal with China on tariffs and the DOW soared. “Except, this tariff deal wasn’t true,” said Colbert. “And here’s how you can tell: The President said it.”

“In fact, it was such a blatant lie, even Fox News, even the Fox and Friends weren’t buying it,” he said. He played a clip from Fox & Friends hosts discussing Trump’s tweets about the tariff truce with Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow, where he offered no details despite their pressing.

Then Colbert said that there actually was a “cease-fire” period on tariffs that China and the U.S. agreed to. He showed a few more tweets with Trump stating that a permanent deal had not been reached but that he wants one to be reached.

Obviously the best joke was at the close of the clip, when, in Trump voice, Colbert said “call me old-fashioned, but I like an import with a big duty.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CBS.

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