Colbert: Fox News Was All Over the Caravan Before Midterms, ‘And Now… It’s Gone’

Stephen Colbert knocked Fox News, Fox & Friends in particular, on his Friday night show for seemingly dropping its widespread coverage of the migrant caravan.

Colbert noted how “a week ago it was all anybody could talk about,” especially President Donald Trump and Fox News, but “now… it’s gone!”

He said he had his footage department look over Fox & Friends‘ pre-midterms coverage of the caravan, explaining he couldn’t do it himself because “my doctor says it’s just horrible.”

Colbert cited a Vox report saying that Fox & Friends barely mentioned the caravan the day after the election.

“It was huge for like a week, and now nothing. It’s the Tide pod challenge of American politics. Except Tide pods will actually kill you,” he said.

You can watch above, via CBS.

[image via screengrab]

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