Colbert Galvanized By Sen. Grassley’s ‘Avant-Garde’ Twitter, Summons America To Tweet Like Him

Stephen Colbert has got the “tweets like Grassley” after discovering Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley‘s Twitter feed is a Daliesque art exhibition featuring such surrealist messages as “Norwalk HS 41students issues STOP Gasprices AfgNistan gaymArriage Iowa economy F16.” “This isn’t just tweeting!” Colbert professed in wonderment. “This is avant-garde stream of consciousness poetry. It’s Jack Kerouac typing ‘On The Road’ with his thumbs! How does he do it? Is he in a trance? Does he rub tuna on his iPhone and let his cat have at it?”

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Grassley’s innovative use of the medium galvanized Colbert to tweet in homage of the Senator, sending out several Grassley-esque tweets of his own, blasting out “i m so xitEd 2 twt l1ke mY h3ro gr asslee u ess A!!! you ez Ey!! #igotthetweetslikegrassley”

“Nation, join me please in celebrating Chuck Grassley’s artistic breakthrough and tweet like Grassley,” Colbert urged. “It won’t be easy, but you can take inspiration from the senator’s stirring message of hope. P! A truer consonant has never been typed.”

For hours after the show, Colbert continued to “tweet like Grassley”:

Watch Colbert call on America to tweet like Grassley below via Comedy Central:

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