Colbert Gives a Hunger Games Sendoff to Scott Pruitt: ‘Remember To Stay Moisturized in Hell!’

On Monday night, Stephen Colbert revived the “Hungry To Leave Power Games” in honor of the recent resignation of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.

Colbert first began the running gag during the 2016 election (then called the “Hungry For Power Games”) when primary candidates in both parties withdrew from the race, and was inspired by the then-power Hunger Games franchise. And as the iconically coiffed Caesar Flickerman, he paid tribute to Pruitt, a man of whom Colbert said his only flaw was “being terrible.”

Accompanied by a stuffed ferret, The Late Show host mocked the former EPA administrator for his luxurious spending on things like extra security, first class travel, overseas sightseeing, customized fountain pens, and a sound proof booth, as well as his desire for a specific Ritz-Carlton lotion.

“Getting a hotel room for the moisturizer is like having a baby so people will give you free socks,” Colbert quipped.

Before wrapping up the segment, Colbert packed a miniature figurine of Pruitt into a tiny sound proof booth drenched in the lotion, to be sent “down the toxic river.”

“Inside, Pruitt will forever be serenaded by Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘The Sound of Silence’,” Colbert’s Flickerman told the audience. “Of course, you can’t hear it… because it’s a sound proof booth.”

He then fired the Hunger Games-inspired cannon to mark the sudden loss.

“Goodbye, Scott Pruitt!” he told the fired cabinet member. “And remember to stay moisturized in Hell!”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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