Colbert Hits Trump Over Starbursts: Prefers Some Colors Over Others… ‘Like His Immigration Policy’

On Monday night, Stephen Colbert mocked President Trump’s reported relationship with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

A report from The Washington Post revealed that Trump and McCarthy have gotten so close over the past year that the president refers to the congressman as “my Kevin.”

“‘My Kevin?’ According to donut rules, that means Trump licked him!” Colbert quipped.

The Late Show host then brought up how they reportedly bonded over Starbursts on Air Force One and that McCarthy had sent Trump a jar of just the red and pink Starbursts, which were the president’s favorites.

“Oh, so Trump likes some colors more than others… just like his immigration policy,” he quipped.

Colbert referred to McCarthy’s attempts to “shamelessly ingratiate” himself to the president as “McCarthyism,” and then blasted the two of them for the most “disturbing detail” from the report: “they both like to talk a lot while watching movies.”

“I thought it was impossible to like him less,” Colbert reacted.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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