Colbert: It’ll Be Tough For Romneys’ Horse To Get To The Olympics Tied To The Roof Of Their Car

On Tuesday night’s Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert expressed elation that the Romneys’ horse might make its way to compete in the Olympics. How extraordinarily exciting! Although it might be challenging, Colbert noted, to make it to London with a horse strapped to the roof of the family car.

“As if you don’t know from your equestrian fantasy league,” he continued, “folks, this is exactly what Mitt needs! He’s had a little trouble relating to Joe Six-Pack.” As evidence, Colbert cued a clip of Romney expressing surprise that a tall man he’d met wasn’t “in sport.” And while the term “dressage” might admittedly sound a highfalutin, Colbert noted that we can also refer to the sport by its street name: “Horse ballet.”

And, he continued, “lest you think the horse is doing all the work, Mitt picks the music himself.” This year? He chose a selection of songs from the movie Rain Man. “Clearly,” Colbert observed, “Mitt envies Rain Man’s ability to connect with people.”

Have a look, via Comedy Central:

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