Colbert Mocks Fox’s ‘Melvin’ Kelly For Suggesting Women’s Issues Debate Question ‘Pandering To Women’

On Wednesday night’s edition of The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert mocked Fox host Megyn Kelly for pointing out that one of the town-hall debate audience questions was, “some might say, obvious pandering to women.”

Colbert played a clip of Kelly’s post-debate summary, in which she noted that the questioners asked about subjects previously undiscussed in the campaign. She noted “equal pay for women” and topics like “contraceptive issues,” adding that these questions were, “some might say, obvious pandering women.”

“Obvious pandering,” Colbert deadpanned. “I agree with Melvin Kelly on this one.” The host’s over-the-shoulder image showed Kelly with a penciled-on mustache, mocking her as being a man for making such a remark.

“Why are we talking about lady issues in the town hall?” the comedian mocked. “Save it for the Sadie Hawkins debate when the girls are supposed to do the asking.”

He also mocked “stupid” topics brought up at the debates like assault rifles and Romney’s answer to gun violence.

Watch below, via Comedy Central:

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