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Colbert Mocks Hannity’s ‘Head-Up-His-Own-Ass’ Workout Regimen

Stephen Colbert was so struck by Sean Hannity’s new “Question of the Day” segment that he debuted his own version last night, calling it “Everything I Wanted You to Know About Me, But I Was Afraid You Wouldn’t Ask.”

In particular, Colbert was inspired by the question Fox News’ Hannity answered about his workout routine. As Hannity recently explained to his viewers, he lost 27 pounds over the last 18 months by engaging in something he calls “street martial arts,” which involves “blade and firearm training.”

Not to be outdone, Colbert shared his own exercise secrets, including throwing his protein shake in the face of a jaguar and stabbing a mountain in the heart. But he admitted he will never match Hannity when it comes to “flexibility,” because “listening to him answer questions about himself on his own show, I know I can never match his ability to get his head up his own ass. Literally.”

Watch video below, via Comedy Central:

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