Colbert Mocks Jay Sekulow For Blowing His Chris Wallace Interview: ‘You Had One Job!’

On Monday night, Stephen Colbert had some fun at the expense of President Trump‘s lawyer Jay Sekulow, who made appearances on all the Sunday talk shows.

He made it clear on every talk show that President Trump wasn’t under investigation.

Well, almost every talk show.

Sekulow stirred some controversy and confusion on Fox News Sunday when he at one point during the interview with Chris Wallace stated that Trump was under investigation by the Justice Department.

“SEKULOW!” Colbert shouted. “You had one job!”

He then showed the clip of a very heated exchange between Sekulow and Wallace.

“Please stop fighting!” Colbert pleaded. “It’s just so upsetting to see my people — middle-aged white men with dark hair and glasses — turn on each other like this!”

To conclude the entire interview, Colbert offered a recap:

“Sekulow is saying Trump is not under investigation, is under investigation, and he has no idea if he’s under investigation. “

He added, “A good lawyer covers his bases. That way, when the judge asks ‘How does your client plead, guilty or innocent,’ he could answer, ‘All of the above.'”

Watch the clip, via CBS.

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