Colbert Mocks Trump Supporters Who Embraced His ‘Go Back’ Remarks: He ‘Threw You Under the Bus’


Late Show host Stephen Colbert mocked Trump supporters who chanted “SEND HER BACK” at a rally this week, after President Donald Trump turned on them the next day.

In an opening monologue breaking down Trump’s rally in North Carolina, the CBS host pointed out the president’s “subtle messaging” on Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Colbert played the now-infamous section of the Trump rally in which his crowd loudly chanted “SEND HER BACK” about Omar, as the president assailed the Somali-born U.S. citizen.

“I never thought I’d say this, but these rallies where a nationalist leader whips people up into a racist frenzy might have a dark side,” Colbert said.

“This chant did not help Trump’s image as not a racist,” Colbert continued, adding Trump tried to “distance himself from his own idea.”

Trump, when questioned by reporters on Thursday, said he disagreed with the chant that mimicked his own rhetoric and tried to stop the crowd by “speaking very quickly.”

Video of the rally proves otherwise, of course, so Colbert went to the tape — with a stopwatch timing out a full 12 seconds of letting the crowd “fully get their hate rocks off,” the comedian quipped.

“I was not happy with it,” Trump also claimed to reporters. “I didn’t say that, they did.

“Wow! Trump supporters, did you see him throw you under the bus?” Colbert reacted. “Probably not, because you have a tire on your face right now.”

“And for Pete’s sake, if you’re going to be a demagogue, at least grow a pair,” he said. “And take responsibility for what you inspired them to chant, Wussolini.”

Watch above, via CBS.

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