Colbert: ‘Most People Would Have Taken’ Trump Jr. Meeting…’To The FBI’

On Thursday night, Stephen Colbert took shots at President Trump for his response to Donald Trump Jr.‘s meeting with a Russian lawyer.

He played a clip of Trump calling the meeting “short” and it “went very, very quickly.”

“Welcome to Trump’s America!” Colbert exclaimed. “Where morality is measured by speed. Because it was over quickly, it wasn’t wrong. It’s like a five-second rule for your soul.”

The Late Show host then took on Trump’s assertion that “most people would have taken that meeting.”

“Yes, most people would have taken it,” he reacted, “…to the FBI.”

He then mocked Trump for telling the press that at the G20 Summit, he asked Russian President Vladimir Putin if he meddled in the U.S. election twice, sarcastically calling it “thorough.”

Colbert then slammed Kellyanne Conway, who he referred to as “Satan’s Trophy Wife,” for using visual aids on Fox News last night. And he decided to try and use visual aids of his own.

“Trump Jr. tried to ‘articulate, ‘ but that turned out to ‘incriminate,'” he quipped.

He said that it was easy to remember, “even an idiot can ‘anticipate’ and now he’s gonna be ‘an inmate.'”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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