comScore Colbert Offers Up Blistering Apology to 'Toadies' of the GOP

Colbert Offers Up Blistering Apology to ‘Toadies’ of the GOP: ‘I Was Wrong About One of You’

Stephen Colbert mockingly apologized to the “self-interested toadies” of the GOP Monday night.

The apology was inspired by Rep. Justin Amash‘s decision to stand up to President Donald Trump and support the idea of impeachment.

Colbert first introduced Amash by noting “a Republican finally read the Mueller report” and stressing he was the first GOPer to say Trump engaged in impeachable conduct.

“So with that, I would like to offer the Republican Party this apology,” Colbert then said, looking directly at the camera with faux-sincerity.

Speaking directly to the GOP, the comedian snarked: “Now, I know I give the GOP a hard time and often imply that you’re a spineless group of self-interested toadies who would rather see the country destroyed than stand up to an out of control narcissistic toddler.”

“I was wrong,” he then quipped, “about one of you.”

The audience cheered.

Watch above, via CBS

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