Colbert On GOP Race: Just Like Hillary Vs. Obama Magic, ‘Minus Any Women Or Black People’

This Republican primary race has gotten messy, and on his show Wednesday night, Stephen Colbert made the comparison so many others have been making: that it’s just like the 2008 race between President Obama and Hillary Clinton. And now we can relive the magic! Only without “any women or black people. Or magic.”

Colbert used a quote about the GOP primary being “long, slow and painful” to remind us that it’s not a bad thing at all. “Thank you, Jesus!” he exclaimed. “This is great.” After all, “The Democrats had the same situation when they won last time in 2008. Now, Republicans get that Hillary vs. Obama magic — minus any women or black people. Or…or magic.”

He then went on to tackle Rick Santorum‘s aversion to teleprompters, taking Santorum’s comment (that teleprompters should be illegal because they’re using someone else words) one step further and declaring, “I believe we cannot stop at teleprompters. I reject all pre-written words. That’s why I’m against reading books.” Because reading creates “thought sounds” in his head — like he’s actually thinking them! Colbert then demonstrated how he, himself, doesn’t use a teleprompter.

Take a look, via Comedy Central:


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