Colbert on Reality Winner’s Arrest: ‘It’s Official. The Trump Administration Is at War With Reality’


With seemingly everyone having fun with the name of the federal contractor who was recently arrested for leaking NSA documents to The Intercept, The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert made sure he wasn’t left out of the mockery.

During his monologue Tuesday night, Colbert stated that since the document Reality Winner leaked showed that Russia attempted to hack voting systems and software, perhaps this meant that we could have a do-over of the 2016 election.

“Who really knows who won November 8th now — I mean other than Vladimir Putin,” Colbert said. “I mean, I’m a little rusty on my Constitution, but I guess that means new election?”

After noting that maybe they should “get the band back together” and bring back Jeb Bush, Colbert took aim at President Donald Trump for constantly labeling anything to do with Russia “fake news.”

“Now, all along Donald Trump has said the entire Russia story is fake news, and there’s no way to know whether this document was real,” he noted. “Other than the fact that the leaker was immediately arrested.”

Imitating Trump, Colbert added: “Fake news, real prison.”

He then told the audience Winner’s name, using it to take a direct shot at Trump and the White House.

“So it’s official,” the comic exclaimed. “The Trump administration is at war with reality.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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