Colbert Opens with Trump Handing Out Security Clearances to Fox Hosts and a Pringles Can

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday, the show’s cold open was a satirical clip in the format of their fake news feed (LSSC News) about the security clearance story in the news this week.

It was amusing, maybe a little rushed, but a couple of laughs. As usual, it first started with an actual clip from CNN, followed by their own take. In this case, it showed an over the shoulder view of “Trump” authorizing clearances.

First was Donald Trump Jr., then a promo shot of the FOX & Friends hosts, then a contest winner and the Pringles can man.

Kim Jong Un got a clearance, but in a wig and under the name “Kimmy.” For each name, they had audio of actual Trump comments, obviously from other contexts, and for “Kimmy Jong Un” it was Trump saying “she’s beautiful.”

Last up was Trump himself, and the fake Trump shreds the document instead of approving the clearance, saying “incompetent.” That one got a cheer from the crowd, but definitely wasn’t the strongest joke in the clip.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CBS.

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