Colbert Pops Champagne In Celebration Of IRS Scandal: Proves ‘Everything I’ve Ever Said About Obama Is True’

Stephen Colbert broke out the champagne on Monday night in celebration of best worst scandal to hit the Obama administration recently: the IRS admitting to targeting conservative groups. While the trouble is reason enough for Colbert to rejoice, he particularly took joy in noting that everything he’s said thus far about President Obama has now proven to be true.

“The IRS owes an apology to every Tea Party group in America,” Colbert demanded, noting this is “a new low” for the IRS. “What’s next? Making GE pay taxes?”

The word that came to every pundit’s mind appeared to be “chilling.” Which happened to also describe the champagne Colbert whipped out in celebration of the scandal hitting the administration.

“This proves that everything I’ve ever said about Obama is true,” he explained. “It’s official: He’s a secret Muslim, shape-shifting alien from Kenya, coming for our guns. And Bo is a member of the Illuminati.”

With that, Colbert proceeded to note that he, too, was a victim of the IRS. After all Colbert Super PAC SHH!’s motto was “making a better tomorrow, tomorrow.” Turns out, the IRS singled out applications that including phrases like, “make America a better place to live.”

“I bet they also singled out organizations that claimed a ham as a dependent,” he quipped, recalling a certain man behind Crossroads GPS.

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