Colbert Proves Krauthammer Is a Bigger ‘Narcissist’ than Obama

Last week, psychiatrist turned conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer went on The Hugh Hewitt Show and diagnosed President Barack Obama as a “clearly a narcissist.” His proof? An estimate of the number of times the president used the word “I” in his speech announcing the killing of Osama bin Laden.

According to Krauthammer, Obama used the word “I” 29 times in that speech. But when Stephen Colbert and his team did a count of their own, they only came up with 11. “As compared to Krauthammer, who said ‘I’ 36 times in that interview,” Colbert said.

“I just want to say a former psychiatrist willing to give an on-air diagnosis of a stranger, while at the same time claiming he isn’t doing that, is not a narcissist,” Colbert concluded. “He’s just kind of a dick.”

Watch video below, via Comedy Central:

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